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Treating sick and injured pets with diagnostics.

At Spadina Animal Hospital, our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy. Through our partnership with IDEXX reference laboratories, we can diagnose a wide variety of problems including hyperthyroidism, diabetes, Cushing’s, cardiac disease, and pancreatitis. If we need results quickly our on-site blood machines can provide results in under 10 minutes!  Advanced fecal testing that looks for chemical signatures of parasites is performed on all fecal samples to allow for early detection of issues.

Learn more about our diagnostic services here:

Cat & Dog Diagnosis

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Pet Ultrasound

A non-invasive way to diagnose sick & injured pets.


Images of a pet's functioning heart.

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Diagnose and treat skin conditions.

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